October 2012 Pre-Election PAC Report
(Note: only contributors of more than $100 are itemized)
ISNA Nurse PAC – 2012 Contributions

The ISNA Nurse Political Action Committee met July 17, 2012. Officers elected: Pamella Jahnke, Chairperson; Lynn Devich, Vice-Chairperson; Teressa Moore, Secretary; Ernest Klein, Treasurer (stipulated in Bylaws); and Cathy Lowe, Asst-Treasurer. Committee members also include Leslie Oleck, Sarah Rutchik, Mary Cisco, Board Representative, and (ex-officio) Glenna Shelby, LegisGroup Public Affairs, ISNA Lobbyist.

The PAC authorized $7,000 in contributions to the following:

House Democrat Caucus
House Republican Campaign Committee
Senate Majority Campaign Committee
Indiana Senate Democrat Committee

Health Committees:
Sen. Miller, RN, R-Indianapolis, Chairperson, Senate Health and Provider Services Committee
Rep. Tim Brown, MD, R-Crawfordsville, Chairperson, House Public Health Committee

Health Committee Members:
Rep. Don Lehe, R-Brookston
Rep. David Frizzell, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Eric Turner, R-Gas City
Rep. Suzanne Crouch, R-Evansville
Rep. Steve Davisson, RPh, R-Salem
Rep. Ron Bacon, R-Chandler
Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary
Rep. Peggy Welch, RN, ISNA Member, D-Bloomington
*Note Not seeking re-election on the House Public Health Committee are John Day, D-Indianapolis, Craig Fry, D-Mishawaka, Scott Reske, D-Pendleton, and Dick Dodge, R-Pleasant Lake.

Sen. Jean Leising, R-Oldenburg
Sen. Vaneta Becker, R-Evansville
Sen. Ryan Mishler, R-Bremen
Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary
Sen. Jean Breaux, D-Indianapolis
*Note Not seeking re-election on the Senate Health Committee are Beverly Gard, R-Greenfield, and Vi Simpson, D-Bloomington.

Rep. Bill Friend, R-Macy
Rep. Sean Eberhart, R-Shelbyville
Sue Errington, D- Muncie

Send your contribution to the ISNA Nurse-PAC today so ISNA can continue to support the public policy makers in future campaigns.

Make your check payable to “ISNA-Nurse PAC” and send it to 2915 North High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46224. Note: Contributions to the ISNA-Nurse PAC are NOT tax deductible.

Contribute to the ISNA Nurse-PAC today so ISNA can continue to support the public policy makers in future campaigns.


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