What is the difference between ISNA and the Indiana State Board of Nursing?

Indiana State Nurses Association
2915 North High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46224-2969
Fax: 317/297-3525


A voluntary professional association of registered nurses organized in 1903 and incorporated in Indiana in 1904. Association policy and directions are determined by its membership.

Activities are funded through membership dues.


Represent nurses and serve as their state spokesperson with the legislature, the public, and allied professional, community, and government groups.

Foster high standards of nursing through it support and use of the American Nurses Association’s professional standards and Code of Ethics.

Stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses through continuing education programs.

Advance nurses’ economic and general welfare through its workplace advocacy program, including education and advice.

Serve as a constituent member of the American Nurses Association through state delegate representation.

Serve as a constituent member of the ANA and and the Center for American Nurses.

Indiana State Board of Nursing
402 West Washington Street Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax: 317-233-4236

A State of Indiana regulatory board created by statute in 1905 as a result of lobbying efforts by the Indiana State Nurses Association. The board’s purpose is the protection of public safety through the regulation of nursing.

Activities are funded through licensure fees.


Grant licensure to practice nursing to qualified applicants.

Promulgate rules necessary to implement its statutory responsibilities and duties.

Define and describe nonprofessional conduct.

Establish minimum standards of nursing practice.

Set minimum standards for nursing education and maintain list of approved schools.

Take disciplinary action on licensees in response to nonprofessional conduct.

Maintain a list of names, addresses, and licensure status of persons they license.

Approve applications for prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses.